Co-creation and collaboration

We co-create, co-innovate, co-produce. We combine and develop interdisciplinary / transnational relationships between "science, education and business" with the aim of the

  • Development of new products and services
  • Realization and implementation of R&D + I projects to successfully meet global challenges.
  • Implementation of technology transfer projects.
  • Generation of (frugal) innovations for the creation of new values (concepts, solutions, products and services)
  • Collaboration between clusters / ecosystems to find and create better solutions for beneficiaries.
  • Integration into knowledge and business networks.

AccesS to Finance

Access to finance supports the growth of organizations by providing funds for new and existing activities. We make access to finance understandable and easy. Share your ideas and projects with us and we'll find out together the appropriate funding method (government funding, crowdfunding, private investors, etc.). We accompany you on your way.

Access To markets

If you already have a product or service that is transferable to international markets, we make the path to intenationalization easy and support you in your internalization project.

  • Market transparency.
  • Connect with the right players ans actors.
  • Access into ecosystems.
  • Intercultural support!

If your are on the same wavelength, then we absolutely must get to know each other!